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One day this lady who can't seem to keep a boyfriend longer than a week comes to the doctor.

She tells the doctor that there is something wrong with her. She asks the doctor to check her private parts and tell her whats wronge.

After the checkup the dotor tells her that she is perfectly fine and nothing is wrong with her.

She does not believe him so she goes to a second doctor. She explains again, and the doctor gives her a checkup, but after the checkup she gets the same results. The doctor suggests that there is an old Chinese doctor down the road and she might want to consult him.

She arrives to the Chinese doctor, and she explains her problem. The Chinese doctor says "oksoo oksoo, you go next to tree. You pull down pants, you look at me between legs."

She feels strange, but does what he says. Suddenly the doctor yells, "okso okso, you have Zactly desease".

She gets scared and asks "what's Zactly desease? Am I going to die?"

"No Zactly desease is where your ass looks Zactly like your face."

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